#WeatherWiser #NiceThingsPH

You and your Makati colleagues are planning to go for a night-out in BGC when you start to wonder if the heavens won’t be raining on your parade.

Looking out the window, you see skies are clear so it probably means that it won’t be raining in Taguig tonight, right? Wrong.

weatherwiser nation nice things

Be #WeatherWiser

The only way you can be sure is if you had access to localized weather forecast that is so area-specific, it can tell differing weather conditions easier and clearer than the blurred lines of those two cities.

#wotd travel

Nice travels in a tropical country with seemingly unpredictable weather is possible. Empower yourself.

All you have to do is download the Weather Philippines app from Google Play Store or Itunes.

Weather Philippines App

The Weather Philippines App is available for both IOS and Android.

With 750 Automated Weather Stations in major cities and municipalities across the country, you can easily map out your routes and routines for the next five days.

You can even monitor all areas that are important to you (home, honey’s office, mom’s place, baby’s school, etc) and customize the profiles by changing the icon to their photos for quick-glance recognition.

weather wiser mobile app

The Weather Philippines Mobile App features color-coded weather warnings based on world meteorological standards.

Mom isn’t an app kind of gal? No worries, you can easily share her area’s weather status through Facebook.

Now, you’re probably wondering how I got so #WeatherWiser, right?

Well, Weather Philippines was kind enough to host a learning event in Anvaya Cove to help us understand the importance of being a #WeatherWiser traveler.

weather philippines at anvaya

Weather Philippines’s welcome was warm and sunny 😉

Nice Things is now an empowered traveler thanks to #WOTD reports from Weather Philippines

live nice #wotd

Live. Explore. Be Nice.

Sir Manny Batungbacal of Mountain Hardwear gave us the basics of mountaineering.

weather philippines basic mountaineering course 1

Basic Mountaineering Course courtesy of Mountain Hardwear

The essentials of mountain climbing or even city living should now include the Weather Philippines app.

weather philippines climb list

Essentials of Mountain Climbing as discussed by Sir Manny of Mountain Hardwear

Accurate weather forecast is made possible with these powerful equipment Weather Philippines puts up strategically across the country. Current count is 750. Target is 1,000.

weather philippines equipment

From left: Automated Weather Station, Rain Gauge, Lightning Detector

Weather Philippines partners with private corporations to bring this service to as many localities as ideal. Platinum donors shell out P25M spread out over a 10-year period while Gold donors give US$2,500 which is the cost of one Automated Weather Station.

Of course, I wasn’t going to waste a rare trip to Anvaya Cove without exploring.

anvaya cove foyer

Anvaya Cove Entrance

anvaya cove sand beneath my toes

Happy feet

anvaya cove beach

Anvaya Cove Beach

anvaya cove pools

Anvaya Cove Pools

anvaya cove shore

Looking for a souvenir to add to my collection



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