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You and your Makati colleagues are planning to go for a night-out in BGC when you start to wonder if the heavens won’t be raining on your parade.

Looking out the window, you see skies are clear so it probably means that it won’t be raining in Taguig tonight, right? Wrong.

weatherwiser nation nice things

Be #WeatherWiser

The only way you can be sure is if you had access to localized weather forecast that is so area-specific, it can tell differing weather conditions easier and clearer than the blurred lines of those two cities.

#wotd travel

Nice travels in a tropical country with seemingly unpredictable weather is possible. Empower yourself.

All you have to do is download the Weather Philippines app from Google Play Store or Itunes.

Weather Philippines App

The Weather Philippines App is available for both IOS and Android.

With 750 Automated Weather Stations in major cities and municipalities across the country, you can easily map out your routes and routines for the next five days.

You can even monitor all areas that are important to you (home, honey’s office, mom’s place, baby’s school, etc) and customize the profiles by changing the icon to their photos for quick-glance recognition.

weather wiser mobile app

The Weather Philippines Mobile App features color-coded weather warnings based on world meteorological standards.

Mom isn’t an app kind of gal? No worries, you can easily share her area’s weather status through Facebook.

Now, you’re probably wondering how I got so #WeatherWiser, right?

Well, Weather Philippines was kind enough to host a learning event in Anvaya Cove to help us understand the importance of being a #WeatherWiser traveler.

weather philippines at anvaya

Weather Philippines’s welcome was warm and sunny 😉

Nice Things is now an empowered traveler thanks to #WOTD reports from Weather Philippines

live nice #wotd

Live. Explore. Be Nice.

Sir Manny Batungbacal of Mountain Hardwear gave us the basics of mountaineering.

weather philippines basic mountaineering course 1

Basic Mountaineering Course courtesy of Mountain Hardwear

The essentials of mountain climbing or even city living should now include the Weather Philippines app.

weather philippines climb list

Essentials of Mountain Climbing as discussed by Sir Manny of Mountain Hardwear

Accurate weather forecast is made possible with these powerful equipment Weather Philippines puts up strategically across the country. Current count is 750. Target is 1,000.

weather philippines equipment

From left: Automated Weather Station, Rain Gauge, Lightning Detector

Weather Philippines partners with private corporations to bring this service to as many localities as ideal. Platinum donors shell out P25M spread out over a 10-year period while Gold donors give US$2,500 which is the cost of one Automated Weather Station.

Of course, I wasn’t going to waste a rare trip to Anvaya Cove without exploring.

anvaya cove foyer

Anvaya Cove Entrance

anvaya cove sand beneath my toes

Happy feet

anvaya cove beach

Anvaya Cove Beach

anvaya cove pools

Anvaya Cove Pools

anvaya cove shore

Looking for a souvenir to add to my collection



Go Set A Watchman: When Harper Lee Broke My Heart

Like the rest of “To Kill A Mockingbird” fans around the world, I’ve been excitedly waiting for the release of “Go Set A Watchman”. I was blessed enough to get a copy as a gift on the first day. So, you can expect that I sunk my teeth into it as soon as I could. It took me two days to read a 278-page book. I had to put it down for half a day. It took me a while to chew on Chapter 8.

Go Set A Watchman

My BFF surprised me with a copy of Harper Lee’s Go Set A Watchman on its release day.

I worshipped Atticus Finch. That’s my failing. Much like Scout, I looked up to Atticus as close to infallibility as any man can get, second only, possibly, to Christ. I can forgive the poor editing, the inaccuracies in reference to “To Kill A Mockingbird” since “Go Set A Watchman” was written before it, but it just wrenched my heart right out when it painted Atticus like a man.

For me, he’s always been more than that. His moral compass always pointed North. He always knew right from wrong. Never a doubt in his mind about how to treat a person, regardless of the color of their skin. Yet there he was helping Calpurnia’s grandson as a strategy to block black lawyers from getting to him first. Calpurnia. The very same Calpurnia who raised his children as her own. The same Calpurnia to whom he entrusted his entire household no matter what his insufferable sister Alexandra said.

On an intellectual level, I understand where Atticus is coming from. You cannot expect babies, spiritual or intellectual, to make sensible adult decisions. But oppression is oppression. No matter the motive.

It takes some getting used to to see the flawed man behind the perfect father, principled lawyer, loyal friend. Atticus, after all, is a man. No more, no less.

Shopping or selling? What E-Commerce Means For Everyone

If I could help it, I do most of my shopping online. No traffic, no commuter woes, no queues. I even dabbled in selling online myself for a couple of years but I got swamped with work that my shop had to take a backseat.

Recently, online shopping has grown at such a rate that even those with no consistent access to the internet know that you can order almost anything online – from unmentionables to perishables – delivered right to your doorstep.

The Philippine e-commerce industry weighs in at 7-13% of our gross domestic product. It may not seem much but that only covers the first quarter of 2015. According to latest data, there are 38 million Filipino internet users, 28% of whom, shop online. That’s over 10M customers, and counting.

Think e-commerce is a viable business? Then join the DigitalFilipino E-Commerce Entrepreneurs Summit Manila 2015 happening on August 29 at the Ballroom of Best Western Plus Antel Hotel, Makati Avenue, Makati City.

This whole-day event aims to empower entrepreneurs, decision makers, marketers, strategists, sales managers, supply chain managers, brand managers, to go from change thinkers to change makers. E-commerce practitioners will share insights and strategies on making e-commerce work and help grow your business, no matter the industry.


E-Commerce Entrepreneurs Summit 2015

EVENT DESCRIPTION In this event, learn how practitioners are maximizing e-commerce as a revenue channel, create new business models, improve supply chain systems, develop secure payment solutions, resolve logistics distribution needs, and understand the Filipino online behavior.


1. Market developments for 2015

2. Case studies on e-commerce of top 10,000 corporations

3. Learn how to use e-commerce as the Philippines’s competitive advantage


Up to July 15 – P4,000

Up to August 15 – P4,500

August 16 onwards – P5,000

Get discount here! If you cite my blog nicethingsph.wordpress.com as the source of your information, you will get P500 discount! Yahooey!

Now, there are a couple of updates on the registration process. Here we go:

Option 1

1. Fill up this form

2. In the billing instruction, indicate that you want to avail the P500 discount NiceThingsPH is talking about on her blog. (I want to avail the P500 discount that I saw on NiceThingsPH.Wordpress website)

3. Choose your payment option (cash, credit card, Paypal) and click submit

4. Follow the billing instructions that you will receive in your email.

5. Email the proof of payment to janette(at)digitalfilipino(dot)com or send it via private message at Digital Filipino Facebook page. 

Option 2

If you decide to sign up to the ecommerce bootcamp website, instead of just filling out the form for this training, to keep yourself update of the latest on the ecommerce industry, kindly follow the following instructions:

1. Click register and fill up the necessary data needed in the registration process then check your email to validate your registration (check your spam folder, bulk folder or update tab in gmail if you did not receive it in your inbox).

2. Logon to your account and return to the E-commerce Entrepreneurs Summit Event Page. Click the “Take This Course” Button located in the lower portion of the announcement.

3. Click the coupon code field (located in the upper left corner of the event logo). Coupon code is “advocate”. Fill up your billing details, the payment option that you want to use and then click “place order”

4. Follow the billing instruction that you will receive in your email.

5. Email the proof of payment to janette(at)digitalfilipino(dot)com or send it via private message at Digital Filipino Facebook page.

Note: For bank payment, please deposit to: iMarket Events and Services, Inc. at BDO 209-0233-385. Official receipt shall be given on August 29, 2015 at the event venue.

Schools interested in sending at least 10 students can avail of our special rate of P2,000 per student. This does not include 1-year Protege membership access rights. Deadline for school sign-up is on July 31, 2015.

You can check the E-commerce Entrepreneurs Summit Facebook event page for more details.

Don’t forget to quote this blog to get your discount! See you there!

Disclosure: I am an accredited online lead generator for DigitalFilipino Training Programs

Kung Paano Ako Naging Leading Lady

I love theatre, especially musicals, and I’ve actually been thinking of watching a local production since there are a couple running right now that are getting good reviews. I was debating which one to see (I can only afford to see one) when ‘lo and behold, Wazzup Pilipinas announces that they are giving away tickets to “Kung Paano Ako Naging Leading Lady” (KPANLL). Score!

kung paano ako naging leading lady press preview

Kung Paano Ako Naging Leading Lady at Onstage, Greenbelt

So, I dragged my non-theatre fan BFF Patintera to Greenbelt Onstage last night for a much-needed intro to local musical theatre.

greenbelt onstage kung paano ako naging leading lady

Onstage: Kung Paano Ako Naging Leading Lady

It was the first for both of us and I must admit, I wasn’t expecting KPANLL to blow me away, but it did. Amazing vocals from every single one of them! Bravo!

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