Nice Things About The Jets Live In Manila

I…I was just seven when The Jets first came out. I may not have known who they were then but I certainly enjoyed their music. I was raised in a very musical home. My dad played the guitar and he was an amazing singer. Although none of us kids learned any instruments, we all enjoyed singing and dancing growing up.


We got tickets as soon as they went up for sale! #80sKids

The Jets treated the audience to a trip down memory lane with their greatest hits and dance moves. They opened with “Bustin’ Loose”, followed by “Cross”, and “Mix It Up”.

The Jets Live in Manila

The Jets busting a move

Us 80s kids grew up with The Jets quite literally. They were just kids as well when they belted out songs like “Make It Real” and “You Got It All” but their unique sound made these love songs relatable to a gradeschooler like me and my bff Patintera.

The Jets Live In Manila

One of my favorite parts of the concert was their tribute to The Jackson 5.

The concert may have started a bit late and some of us dozed off while waiting but I would love to see them again. I just hope it would be at a better venue with more comfortable leg room.

The Jets Live In Manila

Take My Hand is a song about their greatest treasure — their family.

The Jets is an inspiration, not just for their music but for their family values as well. The family that plays together stays together, apparently.

*All photos courtesy of Patintera


Nice Things about The Horse and His Boy by Trumpets

As a C.S. Lewis fan, I felt incredibly blessed last night to be invited to the press preview of The Horse and His Boy by Trumpets. Traffic was extra horrendous so I missed about 15 minutes of the show. Good thing they remained faithful to the book so when I got there, Shasta, Aravis, Bree, and Hwin had just entered Calormen. Their adventure was just about to begin.

I knew Trumpets‘s treatment of the third book in The Chronicles of Narnia was going to be good. What I did not expect was that it was going to be spectacular.

Trumpets brings CS Lewis's 'The Horse and His Boy' to the Meralco Theater.

Trumpets brings our beloved C.S. Lewis’s ‘The Horse and His Boy’ to the Meralco Theater.

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