Wow-kanda! The Black Panther is so ganda!

For the second time in my life, I watched a movie by myself. I don’t even remember the first movie I saw alone but I do remember that I cried my eyes out at the cinema.

With scheduling conflicts with BFF Patintera, the looming release of the “Infinity Wars”, and my mood on Sunday, I decided to just go ahead and watch the Black Panther.


King T’Challa of Wakanda

I thought it wouldn’t be a busy showing as it’s been a couple of weeks. And I was right. It wasn’t crowded. But with my luck, I ended up with an annoying family sitting behind me. With one of the younger kids kicking my seat, the Dad failing miserably at mimicking the African accent, the eldest constantly kicking the seat in front of him, about 2 seats away from me.

I would have moved to get away from them but I didn’t want to miss a nanosecond of Wakanda and all its wonders. IT. WAS. THAT. GOOD.

Wakanda, or as I call it, Wow-kanda, is an aspirational place where ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE – self-lacing sneakers, hover trains, flying saucers, tech to heal and help. (Maybe that weird light I saw when I was a kid was just King T’Chaka on his way home LOL)

But more than the beauty of the tale, I love that finally there’s a movie that celebrates  African beauty – the place, the people, the culture – BAD. ASS. WOMEN. ‘Nuff said.



My Nigerian friend, a former colleague, has warned me not to visit Africa. While I understand where he’s coming from, I can’t get the taste, the culture, the language, the colors, the vibe out of my mind. While I’ve lived most of my life thinking I’ll never set foot in Africa, I have a feeling Black Panther just might have changed my travel plans.

Incidentally, I spent a week in United Arab Emirates last year, another place I never thought I’d get to see but I feel blessed to have been given a chance to visit. But that’s another post.

To those who haven’t, WATCH BLACK PANTHER! To those who have, Wakanda forever!

Update: I watched it again last weekend. This time, with BFF Patintera, and she loved it. 

Oh, Africa, you’re back on my bucket list 😀