NiceThings Celebrates 2nd Anniversary With You

NiceThings PH turns 2 today and I can’t be more thrilled! Yay!



In the tradition of self-revelation I began last year, I’m sharing excerpts from posts that I keep for exclusive viewing of a small group of friends. Some are benign, some are embarrassing, and others are downright scary. But I hope to reach out to my readers more intimately with these tidbits. ❤ you all!

If I had a spirit animal (I’m still unclear on the concept) it would be a panda. They, sleep, eat, play all day — my kind of spirit.  (Yes, this is my roundabout way of admitting I’m lazy)youre-thirteen-2

I’m looking forward to growing old. Specifically, I’m looking forward to turning 40 when life is supposed to begin. I think there’s some truth to that adage. I think 40 is when people come into themselves more. The foolish, often baseless and shallow confidence you had in your 20s will match the maturity and character you gained in your 30s. I think that’s what our 40s is about, being comfortable in your skin while being grounded by your experiences. I think growing old rocks😀


I like pretty things which is why I like interior decorating, gardening, painting, and DIY projects. I only have one problem, I have ogre hands. I am completely incapable of making anything with my hands. I have tons of ideas, I even have a collection of bag and shoes designs I created myself. All I need now is a handy craftsman/woman/person to work with. I hope to find one soon.


I used to love working out ’cause it made me feel good. Endorphins are great like that. But I was doing it for the wrong reasons. I wasn’t working out to be healthy and to keep from inheriting the family curse of obesity and heart problems. I was only working out to look good in the teeny, tiny outfits I was wearing back then. Of course, It wasn’t a very good anchor for commitment, so before long, I stopped working out. And it wasn’t long before then that the weight started to pile on. Now, as I have feared for the longest time, I am obese.


If I ever become a dictator, I’d mandate licensed parenthood. Yes, people will need a license to procreate. For people to obtain the license they will need to take psychological, physical, and spiritual aptitude tests. That’s probably not gonna fare well with the rest of humanity but I’m sick of seeing sick idiots hitting and raping their kids. Or less horrifying but just as important, raising more idiots.

These are some of the things I feel comfortable enough to share after 2 years. I hope my kind of crazy doesn’t scare you off.

Happy second anniversary to us! Here’s to 200 more ❤





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