The Singapore I Adore: The Lee Kuan Yew Dream

A lot can be said about Singapore’s most polarizing leader, Lee Kuan Yew. Ask any local and you’ll get a very passionate thesis that is either strongly for or against him.

But as a tourist, I only have good things to say about Singapore’s founding father. Singapore is the city I adore because of him. I feel safer in the little red dot than I do in my own country without it being so far removed from the familiarity of the Asian culture. And for this, I will always remember Mr. Lee Kuan Yew with fondness.

The well-planned, beautifully designed city-state is such a refreshing refuge.

singapore management university

Outside the Singapore Management University (SMU). Trees make the difference in urban landscaping.

Singapore Art Museum

The Singapore Art Museum opens its doors for free on Friday evenings. Too bad we missed it.

singapore double decker bus

The absence of unsightly and dangerous power line cables makes the use of double decker buses possible everywhere.

singapore street sculptures

Strict, no-nonsense law enforcement protects and preserves street art installations.

trees in singapore

In Chinatown, pocket gardens are the norm.

safe, well-lighted streets of singapore

One can safely walk the streets of Singapore at night

I wish you a peaceful rest, Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew. Thank you for the Singapore I adore.