NiceThings For 2016

Thanks to Facebook’s ‘On This Day’ feature which brings up your posts from years past, I realized that I achieved none of my 2015 goals. Nada. Zilch. I posted it privately so that only I could view it. I guess that made it easier for me to ignore my list altogether.

So, for better chances of project fulfillment for 2016, I’m making my goals public, holding myself accountable to my readers.



Quit soda

Cut down on red meat

Learn a foreign language – I keep changing my mind about which one so I’m just going to keep this open-ended.

Since it’s fasting week, I’ve decided to make my faith goals public as well.


Daily devotional – Daily. No excuses, no matter how busy I get.

Inner peace – Regardless of circumstances.

Serve at Church – It’s time I stopped finding excuses and start serving in a Ministry.

That’s it! That’s pretty plenty to accomplish in a year, I think.  Wish me luck and please hold me accountable.

How about you? What changes are you aiming for this year? Please do share in the comments.


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