NiceThings about the #AlDubNation

I might be a bit late in joining the bandwagon but I’m glad I got to watch THE episode that broke the internet last Saturday with 25.6M tweets.



The #ALDubEBForLove episode was the perfect intro to the AlDub fever for a rom-com lover like me. Eat Bulaga’s comedic genius coupled with a good-looking, talented, and seemingly good-natured couple is just what the nation needs in an entertainment noontime show.

The wacky lolas with quirky personalities, who I think are triplets (?), had me laughing hysterically nonstop.

lola nidora tidora tinidora

Lolas Nidora, Tidora, and Tinidora

But what I love most about the show is the spotlight they put on Filipino values. I love Lola Nidora’s pangaral about love, courtship, and Filipino etiquette – something that today’s west-obsessed Filipinos badly need.

lola nidora's words of wisdom opo

One of the things I love most about kids is when they use “po” and “opo” .

Sa panahong hindi na raw uso ang panliligaw, ito ang masasabi ni Lola Nidora:

lola nidora's words of wisdom opo

Tamang panahon, tamang paraan, tama ang kahahantungan

During last Saturday’s Kalyeserye, Lola Nidora had three conditions for Alden and Yaya Dub’s date – harana, regalo para sa lahat, and chicharon. 

Lola Nidora also insisted that Alden and Yaya Dub keep a respectful distance from each other, about a foot apart. They were also not supposed to touch, not even the tips of their fingers, a real old-fashioned Filipino custom. #KiligPaMore

Off to watch another episode. #PabebeWave


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