Singapore 2015 Part 3: Food, Fun, Friends, and Da Vinci

It felt like we didn’t have enough time to really experience Singapore but I’m glad we got to enjoy what mattered most and then some.

My top five favorite lil’ red dot moments: (drum roll)

5. Food, food, and more food

singapore food

My favorite food from the lil red dot.

4. Dropping by Books Actually (yes, that’s a real cat) books actually 3. Finding Boo

boo the world's cutest dog

Boo is the world’s cutest dog

2. Da Vinci: Shaping the Future at ArtScience Museum in Marina Bay Sands

da vinci shaping the future

To say Da Vinci was a genius is an understatement. His mind stretched limits that made impossible impossible.

and the top lil red dot moment is…

1. Wild surprises

at the manila bay sands singapore

Photo credit to Patintera’s left hand lol


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