Singapore 2015: Food, Fun, Friends Part 2

After grabbing lunch, we walked down the street some more since we don’t get to do it a lot back home. I had second thoughts about snapping this photo since security is fiercer at Istana but I just found those majestic trees too breathtaking to resist.

istana singapore

Istana is the official residence of the President of Singapore

Found our way to Ngee Ann City where we did some shopping. Ok, I didn’t really buy anything since I went there with SGD 20 in my pocket but I’m lucky to have a super bff who got me this really great gift:

Found Boo in Singapore

Found Boo in Singapore

One more thing I love about Singapore is the diverse choices of fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, and seafood.

fresh fruits in singapore

This pomegranate is a bit too pricey for me though

All that strolling left us exhausted so we went back to the hotel for a nap.

hotel re marilyn monroe elevator

Marilyn brought us up to our floor.

Travel Tip: Cars in Singapore drive on the left side of the road. Be mindful when crossing.

hotel re driver

Cars in Singapore are driven from the right side.

Revitalized by our power nap, we headed out to the city again. This time, revisiting Patintera’s old office.

patintera's old office

Before moving back to Manila, Patintera worked in public relations.

chinatown singapore

We traced Patintera’s route going to her old office in Chinatown

Right next to a Buddhist temple is a Muslim mosque:

muslim mosque singapore

Singapore is a melting pot of cultures and religions.

We grabbed a snack at Lau Pa Sat where Patintera and Franz would sometimes meet for dinner after work.

lau pa sat singapore

Lau Pa Sat, also known as Telok Ayer Market, is one of the biggest hawker centers in Singapore

Lau Pa Sat is famous not only for good food but also for its architectural design:

inside lau pa sat

Lau Pa Sat boasts of international cuisine. A must-see when in Singapore.

After our quick snack, we met up with Franz at Bugis.

bugis singapore

Bugis is known for shopping. Not all items are cheap but it’s worth a visit if only for the experience.

bugis market

Bugis market is said to be the largest shopping street in Singapore with over 800 shops.

patintera with shake in bugis

Patintera, the fruit hater, is disgusted with my dragon fruit + kiwi shake. But it was really good.

Franz hasn’t come home to Manila in a while and we missed him terribly. He is, after all, like a brother to us.

My brother and sister by choice

Patintera and Franz on our way to Boat Quay

Franz treated us to a sumptuous seafood dinner.

While waiting for a table at Jumbo

While waiting for a table at Jumbo

I’m all excited to ravage my favorite chili crab 😀

Family by choice

With my brother and sister by choice

This trip was as much a surprise for Franz as it was Patintera’s birthday vacay and Singapore government found it fitting to greet Patintera with a parade lol

singapore boat quay

Singapore greeting Patintera a happy birthday lol

Our delicious dinner peppered with delicious conversation kept us wanting for more. And since we couldn’t eat another bite, we decided to walk off the calories while chatting.

patintera and franz at marina bay sands

We walked from Boat Quay to Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Inside Marina Bay Sands Singapore

marina bay sands singapore

Luxury sports cars were available for test drive

We capped the night with talks of the past and the future. Our plans, our families, our careers. Where we’ve been, where we want to go. Franz took us back to our hotel at around three in the morning. Patintera and I collapsed in exhaustion quickly after. To be continued…


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